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ACG North America, Inc. is a recognized leader in the construction industry. As a client-focused organization, ACGNA strives to simplify the construction process while raising the standard of excellence and accountability. By working in partnership with our clients, ACGNA is able to effectively define your needs and seamlessly translate those concepts into solid building solutions.

ACGNA’s project management approach is unique. We assign a project executive to lead the discussion from the very beginning to the very end of the project. This executive is responsible for communicating as a liaison between the customer and the entire design and construction team, as well as ancillary interactions with vendors outside of the contract. Having one voice accountable and responsible allows for smoother and much clearer communications. This singular accountability gives our clients the confidence to know their project will be completed efficiently, economically and with the highest level of quality.

ACGNA employs Computerease, a state of the art project management system, that allows us to track estimated cost, committed cost and variances from the very beginning of the engagement. Each project budget is created upon project inception based on a schematic design and input from the design professionals. This estimate and the experience of our team provides a project budget the owner can rely upon for planning purposes. As the project scope is further defined, the Computerease system allows the budget to be easily adapted and refined.

In addition to the Computerease software, ACGNA has developed its own cost tracking sheet which allows ACGNA to clearly and readily communicate the budget to the owner and design team on a contemporaneous basis. This tracking system provides the flexibility to identify budget impacts while in the discussion stage, without investing significant dollars in design and estimating. This cost tracking sheet also serves as documentation of project adjustments throughout the course of the project.

In the construction phase, ACGNA prides itself on the goal of completing the project with no punch list. We achieve this through a thorough policing of the project and a rolling punch list conducted by project principals on a regular basis, sometimes daily. This approach ensures that ACGNA consistently stays on track and has allowed us to complete our projects on or ahead of schedule.

Core Clients Include:

  • Institutions
  • Corporations
  • Developers
  • Owners
  • Property Managers
  • Non-profits
  • Public Agencies

Staff Members Include:

  • Design Professionals
  • Estimators
  • Procurement Specialists
  • Project Managers
  • Project Accountants
  • Superintendents
  • Construction Personnel