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ACGNA provides a single source for all the disciplines necessary to plan, design, permit and to construct new buildings. Whether the building program calls for a modern hospitality venue, complex medical facility or functional manufacturing space, ACGNA provides all the services necessary to plan and construct new facilities.

Renovations and Expansion

The renovation and expansion of existing space require superior planning and project management skills. ACGNA has extensive experience in the renovation and adaptive reuse of existing buildings and spaces. We are particularly adept in the modernization and expansion of occupied facilities where meticulous phasing is required to minimize disruptions.

ACGNA has a superior interior design team who understand the importance of good aesthetics, durable finishes and the need to obtain high value from fixtures and furnishings.  As a design-build firm, we are able to offer manufacturer-direct purchasing of furniture, fixtures, and equipment. In doing so, we are able to manage the purchasing and delivery process and offer our clients significant savings. ACGNA’s systematic planning enables interior renovations to be scheduled and completed minimal disruptions.


  • Site and Building Studies
  • Preliminary Budgeting
  • Delivery System Analysis
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Constructability Analysis
  • Zoning, wetland and design review


  • Construction Estimating
  • Procurement/Bidding
  • Budget & Cash Flow Analysis
  • Document Review
  • Value Engineering
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Contract Interiors